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Care Home Advice is your advising partner when it comes to cost of care. Being a patient affected by a lifelong disease which is usually common in old age, care cost is something mandatory in order to deflate your medical bills and shift the burden.

What does care cost include?
Care Cost refers to the cost of care of a patient. It usually involves all the costs which are involved in taking care of a patient and his or her needs. The care cost included can be a bit different according to the policy you take up but here is what care costs generally include:
•    Safety Expenses
•    Medical Equipment Expenses
•    Prescriptions and Drugs Expenses
•    Personal Care Expenses
•    Adult Day Care Service Expenses
•    Full Time Care Expenses for residential care at your home
•    Ongoing treatment expenses for tests, diagnosis, checkups etc.

Generally all care cost policies would cover these expenses. So you must check out and obtain the best policy for you. Taking a little advice from Care Home Advice will surely help you in getting the best policy for yourself!

How can we help you?
Care Home Advice is a care cost advisor! We are renowned in the industry for what we have delivered. We are here to help you minimize your medical bills and expenses by finding the best and the most reasonable care cost policy for you and your patient. We can help you with:
•    Guidance for the assessment of your premises by the authority as to ascertain care costs.
•    Becoming aware of the available options in the cost of care.
•    Consultation and guidance on the rules and regulations of care cost services.

Types of Home Care Services
•    Care at Home
This is a cheaper option to go for. This can be opted for when you are taking care of your patient at your home or premises.
•    Care at Residential Home

This is comparatively a costlier option where care is being provided at a residential house.

Can I get assistance for the local authority for care costs?
The local authority usually provides help with care costs. The amount of help that they provide is dependent on the amount of assets one possesses. For this, the local authorities will checkout your assets and if they are more than the limit then you will have to attribute and manage care costs. Whereas, if it’s lower than the limit and there are no savings then assistance will be provided by the local authority. The local authority can also assist you with nursing care if you are eligible for it after the assessment.

Get Started!
Get in touch with Care Home Advice to get the best advices on how you can get the best care costs policy and get some assistance from the local authority. We will discuss your requirements and then give you all the best available options which will help you in getting the best of care costs. So, don’t let anything keep you from obtaining the best possible care that you can get for yourself or your loved ones.

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I was well assisted and advised over the proceedings for getting assistance from the local authority. I applied for the same for my mother, and under the guidance of Care Home Advice my application got approved in the first go!
Donna W. Kash

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Selecting a care cost policy was challenging! However, with the advice and consultancy I received from Care Home Advice, I choose a care cost policy that best meets my requirements. Simply the best advisors!
Viola G. Lindsey

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